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 Music Program

Building Confidence and Self-esteem through Music 

Creating a place for kids living in poverty to be mentored, to share their love of music, and create long lasting friendships

As a donor you will help to provide weekly music and string ensemble lessons to poor Vietnamese youth living in the provinces of Khanh Hoa and Thua Thien-Hue, Vietnam.


In our music program, each student receives a violin or cello and takes lessons after school 2-3 days a week following a modified Suzuki method. The take the instruments home to be able to practice. On the weekends the students come together to play as a string ensemble and in groups, which helps to build support and community among the students no matter their age.


During the summers, the students are also taught for one month by volunteer musicians from the United States, and perform in a concert together at the end of the month. The students not only learn music from the volunteers, but conversational English, which is taught in all Vietnamese schools now. This opportunity to learn and speak with native English speakers also enhances our students in their studies, an knowing that they have this opportunity each year, inspires them to practice and study. Following the summer month, students often stay in touch with the volunteers throughout the year.

​Along with providing music lessons, Rock-Paper-Scissors Children’s Fund has made it a priority to support our most disadvantaged students in the pursuit of their education. From buying schoolbooks to paying school tuition's, we try to assist the students and their families to make it possible for them to pay for and continue through school.

The Beginning

In 2011 my family moved to Vietnam for 8 months after the death of my husband. We lived in Cam Duc, a village in the province of Khanh Hoa, volunteering for another non-profit. While there, Sophie my oldest daughter played her violin at a performance one night at a local children's home, and a young man came up to her afterwards and asked if she could teach him to play the violin. For eight months, Sophie taught Tuan to play. Many local children asked to learn as well, and by the time we returned to the U.S. we had purchased ten violins with Tuan to start a small music program. Once we returned home we started Rock-Paper-Scissors in order to continue to grow the small music and art programs there.

Please consider supporting the kids by making a donation. Even the smallest amount is a great help. 

Thank You!

Photos by Wesley LaPointe-Summer Volunteer

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